Big Five Pro-15 Summer Cricket Championship 2017

This year’s edition of the Big Five Pro-15 Summer Cricket Championship promises to be bigger and better. 

Ramah Academy

Are you a cricket loving parent or rather a parent looking for something to keep your kids busy start of the upcoming school holiday then make a date with Ramah Cricket Academy and register for your son to play in the fun entertaining and educative tournament.

AW Sports and Ramah Academy

 Very often sports are seen as just a hobby where kids just run around and burn energy but little or no emphasis is put on how sports can be used as a vehicle to educate children about the environment, health, community and our culture. This tournament is designed to bridge the gap between education and sports. What better way for our kids to learn about the Big Five whilst playing in the tournament. 

AW Sports and Ramah Academy

Join Ramah Sports Academy and partners in promoting Animal conservation and Tourism through cricket. The tournament this year will take place at Alexander  Sports Clubs and it’s for the kids between the ages of 10 and 13years. If your kid is in these age groups and loves having fun, let them be part of the fun. 


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